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About Us


 The building

The Main St portion of our building was established in 1865 as a hotel on the southwest corner of E. Main and Mill streets. A frame two-story structure with flat roof, this hotel was known as the American House in 1870. By the early 1880s, the name changed to the Washington House and it was operated by George Nunamaker, a local merchant. Then, in 1887, a re-opening was held for the enterprise, with a third name change to Lesh House. At that time, it featured 16 rooms, a dining room, and a ladies' reception room. A livery stable, under separate ownership and operation, was at the rear of the property. The property remained the Lesh House until 1905, when it became the Arlington Hotel for a number of years. In 1945, the bowling alley was built in the rear of the building.

We purchased this property from Frank and Cynthia Kerchner in 2018, and are renovating the old bowling alley and part of the 1865 building into UnHitched Brewing. We have a grand vision to bring the old hotel back to life...time will tell :)

George dilger and the brader drawing

You will soon see a mural on the side of the brewery created by local artist Tommy Morgan. We worked with ArtsinStark and the Canton Museum of Art to bring an old drawing from 1800s back to life.

In the 1870s, Ferdinand Brader emigrated to the United States and settled into Pennsylvania. He traveled throughout the region staying on people’s 数字货币交易所homesteads, creating drawings of their farms and 数字货币交易所homes. He created ~300 drawings and most of his Ohio drawings came from the Stark and Portage county areas.

The only two drawings from Louisville have ties to UnHitched. One drawing came from what is now the Biery farm (Ben Biery is an owner of UnHitched). The 2nd drawing came from the George Dilger Brewery and Farm which was located across from the Rite Aid on Main St. Brader drew George Dilger, on his wagon, transporting on his farmstead. We are creating a rendition of this drawing onto our building.